Monopoly Game – How I Made Real Money in Business Using Monopoly Game Rules – the Tokens, Part 3


I’d like to take it all in and finish the picture.

Thank you for reading this report. My first intention is always to share why Monopoly’tokens’ have been a superb discovery for me personally for making real money in a true business when after Monopoly match policies.

These were all, and are, that the Excellent course I heard in Monopoly….so much:


1. The Monopoly board along with its own various color property collections let me that the current market is also divided into quite a few niche sections.

2. But not everybody else in the market fits into the account to be my’average’ buyer. Be aware: My customer profile is someone who typically would buy my products or services. This customer is my own niche segment.

3. Recognizing which means that I don’t have to pour (and waste) all my own time and funds into the overall market as an entire, however focus my efforts neatly right to a smaller targeted segment in the market longer suited to my market segment เกมส์ได้เงินจริง.

The Tokens

4. See how players’fight’ over their’favourite’ tokens in a Monopoly game. We’believe’ these tokens say something we would like to identify with. I am a’sports car’ and that I am a’bag of money’ and that I’m a’cannon’.

5. Every single Monopoly’token’ is a individuality. Some I relate solely to and a few that I actually don’t. Thus, the fight to get the exact ones we enjoy.

6. The tokens in the board let me exactly the significance of having’identity’ from the marketplace. It’s my new presence.

7. However, now we know that a token is not a static individuality pub. How it maneuvers and navigates the board with all an different players offers it its value!

8. It that exact same manner I have heard not to produce the mistake which the market perceives my value by my existence . It will perhaps not.

9. The marketplace perceives the value of my brand presence maybe not only by who I’m but by what I do for my niche segment.

10. I call it my Unique Worth notion (UVP). Even though its a perception, its very influential and highly effective understanding.

I’ve discovered countless moneymaking nuggets by simply observing a Monopoly match and by what I learned from the Monopoly match rules.

In the event you have experienced my journey so far, please lookout to my following article in the collection, The Dice.

Am I advocating my business outcomes are at present contingent upon the roll of the dice? Surely not! Please see my article to see the Dice can be a pivotal element of my business enterprise.

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