Horse Racing System – Top Five Reasons Why This Shouldn’t Control You


Do This and Do That

If you always oblige when told to do this and that, you’re a robot. You only see black and white and nothing else. In life, you’ve got to experiment and investigate to learn new things.

You either learn on your own or learn from the wisdom of those ahead of you. If you stick to one guru for your horse racing system, you’re dead. People who don’t try anything new have reached the dead end and they find out that life sucks. These are the people afraid of leaving their comfort zones and their very old horse racing system that harks bark to their great grandfather’s time sbobet. They have a museum piece in their hands. True, the system must have proven its worth many times in the past, but times are changing. Not all systems have iron-clad methods.

Race tracks are becoming sophisticated, rules change, and the horses stand neck-to-neck in pedigree, faultless training, and care. Horse racing, once exclusive for kings, lords and ladies of court, and the landed gentry, is now an international past time for millionaires and paupers. Everybody can have a day at the races without waiting for a royal invitation. If you’ve got the ticket, you got a seat. If you have more money, you get a hoity-toity box. Or you can watch the race in you own home.

Even horse racing betting has gone digital. Everybody can place a bet online if they have the bankroll to back up their bets. There’s a convenient digital calculation gadget that’s changing the skyline. With all these dramatic transformations, a horse racing system should also be updated to go with the times.

What They Tell and What You Should Control

Here’s what they’ll tell you about the horse racing system:

1. They’ll tell you not to bet beyond your means. You’ll learn that greed does not pay, so control your betting system and don’t be infatuated with each race and the powerful steeds. There is no law that forces you to bet on every race.

2. They’ll tell you not to look at the forms all the time. You’ll learn that betting on a hunch drains the bankroll. The feeling that diminishing returns give you is akin to a jilted heart. You’ll learn fast, don’t worry.

3. They’ll require you to bet on the odds. You’ll learn that it takes time before you can master the technique, so don’t fret. Once mastered, you’ll be living with the odds throughout your life. So slow down on the first attempt.

4. They’ll tell you to watch out for a horse that’s peaking. You’ll learn to follow a horses career by reading about his exploits and learning to read the racing form. If the horse is progressing from 4th, 3rd, to 2nd, he is already ready for 1st place, he is peaking. You still have to look at other horses with the same streak. It does not mean that there is only one horse that’s peaking.

5. They’ll tell you they have the best horse racing system. You’ll learn to ask for proof about their claims. Before buying a system, ask for a free card, and if they don’t grant your request, better beware.

A dependable horse racing system is developed through years of hits and misses.

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