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Carpet Buying

Caution is the watchword when it comes to buying carpets, which means sticking to reputable fixed-price, non-commission shops. If it matters to you, please ask your local carpet store manager to tell you about their policy of buying carpets from countries where child labor exists. Since a few years SACCS is therefore asking western consumers to stop buying carpets produced by children. While buying carpets, look for one with a Smiling Carpet label – these come from factories that do not employ child labor. A store that provides genuine information freely about buying carpets, carpet installation and carpet cleaning is hard to find, but these carpet stores do exist Fußmatte.

There is an etiquette to buying carpets and selling, as there is to any sort of business negotiation. When buying your new carpets, consider haggling, this is a common tradition that we seem to have forgotten when buying carpets or goods which are rather expensive. Initially you may find the store manager/owner reluctant to move on price, but persevere, there is always another shop to continue your carpet buying adventure in if needed. One more tip to buying carpets would be to consider buying your carpets near the end of the month when stores have targets to make. If a few more sales means the area manager is happy you could be the lucky customer with a discount carpet.

It may seem obvious to most that we should first, check the quality when buying carpets, but it seems there are a few who take the store managers word on the quality being offered and end up with a houseful of carpet that looks like trash in just a few years. In buying carpets, as in everything else, those of the best quality are cheapest in the end. I do not recommend buying carpets on any online auction, you need to be able to see and touch the carpet and also ask direct questions which in turn means you can get answers to your carpet buying questions, face to face.