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If you’ve been playing wow for awhile, then you’ve probably come across reference to the infamous Gold Dupe Hack, which, it’s promised, will double the WoW gold you’ve got. Well, I have been looking long and hard and just like a lot of additional WoW hacks that are fakes, I’ve concluded that a valid Gold dupe hack for World of Warcraft doesn’t exist either.

It appears this you could have existed at a point two or how to hack episode three years ago (though evidence is iffy at best), but Blizzard has patched any openings within their own gambling software that would have allowed for that type of exploit anyway, therefore if it really did exist, it certainly doesn’t work anymore. Therefore anybody offering to ship you a golden dupe hack isalso, in every likelihood, actually sending you a key logger.

A key logger is basically a trojan or virus that catches the information you are keying and transmits it into someone else. This is how wow crawlers steal accounts and gold out of WoW Players. The easiest players to throw and steal away from are covetous ones. Therefore when you contemplate it, the gold dupe hack is perfectly named — as the Dupe is your gamer who downloads one. Be mindful to prevent downloading any socalled”WoW hacks” on torrent networks. I can just about guarantee that you’ll be downloading a virus of any kind rather than the legendary script which you are hoping to get.

You can find easier ways of earning more gold into your account. There are a number of distinctive WoW gold guides available that explain all the shortcuts and the best ways to use to find gold faster and none of them involved cheating, hacks or bots of any kind. My preferred guide would be Derek’s Gold Guide, therefore I would take a review of this one if you’re seeking to collect gold on your own account.

Enough moment you spend fruitlessly searching for a true gold hack can possibly be spent instead utilizing a number of the ways of quickly collect your gold legally minus the threat to be banned by Blizzard or with somebody break in your accounts.