Fishing Bait Types – Useful Tips To Find Them


It is not possible to advise one as to which bait is the best one to use for a particular fish. There are many hundreds of different types of bait available on the market and all of them are guaranteed to catch a fish at some point or the other. However, experience is the best teacher and anglers learn quickly which bait lures which fish at what time of the ear or day.

Most lure weigh from a ΒΌ of an ounce to over 3 ounces. The most popular weight being the 5/8 ounce lure while the average requirement turns out to be 1/ 2 to 3 quarters of an ounce. People prefer to cut the bait into chunks to attract the fish with the natural flavor and odor while some anglers prefer to use whole bait for some odd reason.

Different Kinds Of Bait

When it comes to fishing bait Fish XXL, anglers will experiment with almost any living creature that will fit into the fish’s mouth, and if it does not fit they will cut it down to size. Among the many assortment of bait used for fishing the most poplar are small fish. Herring, menhaden, anchovies occupy the top placement of the list of preferred bait. Anglers find that larger fish are best attracted by chunk baits.

Depending on the type of fish that an angler is after he may choose to use chunk, strip, or whole bait, to lure the fish, the size of the fish will determine the size of the bait being used. The angler may even choose to use crabs, sand fleas, eels, squid and clams to lure fish. Among the vast array of lure available the best are the clams and the shrimps that the fish like to eat. These bait are easily located along the water way where you choose to fish. Just dig up some dirt and you are sure to find yourself some quality bait for your fishing trip.

How to Acquire Fishing Bait?

Anglers can get a hold of some good bait b wither buying them at the local sports store or by looking for them along the shores of the water body they plan to go fishing in. Buying the bait is a more convenient way of acquiring some quality lure. Though catching some personally is what adds adventure and fun to the sport of fishing.

Shrimp, earthworms and clams are the best bait and most easily acquired too. Shuffling around near your fishing spot will reveal a world of assortments that you can choose from. Experience will teach you which bait is the best suited for a particular fish. So go ahead and begin experimenting with all the bait you can find.

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